Computer Repair & Networking Solutions

Computer Repair & Networking SolutionsWe know when you have a computer repair problem you want a service company that is competent and one you can trust. You can be assured that your important data on your computer, whether financial or personal, will be secure with us. Don't let your PC get the best of you. Wouldn't it be nice if you could have a tech support technician at your disposal? A computer expert, in person, eager to help you get your computer problems solved and all of your computer questions answered? How about getting your computer problems solved by someone who doesn't talk down to you or dazzle and confuse you with tech talk? Well, you found what you've been looking for!

What's Buggin' You? Got a virus? Thousands of new viruses are created every week. Almost half of what we do everyday as computer repair technicians involves viruses and spyware infections. How can you get virus removal services and protect your computer from this scourge? It's simple--just call on one of our technicians to thoroughly clean your computer system of infections, install the best antivirus software available, and show you how to avoid trouble with malware in the future.

We wouldn't say we've seen it all, but we've seen hundreds of viruses. A technician without the requisite skills and experience could spend hours chasing down a virus--and they often do. Our least experienced computer repair and support technician has five years in-the-field. In a relatively short period of time we can determine that the virus can be eradicated or that we need to take more drastic measures like data recovery and re-installing the operating system.

Our Guarantee: If we cannot fix the original computer problem you call us out for you will not be charged for the service. If we offer a solution and you refuse the service call will apply as agreed to.

Computer Repair Solutions

  • Advanced Diagnostic & Repair
  • Software Installations
  • Computer Optimization
  • Hardware Installations
  • Operation System Install
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Clean & Remove Computer
  • On-Site Virus Removal
  • Remote Virus Removal*
  • Computer Upgrade Service
  • Computer Rebuild
  • Loaner PC's
  • Recovery Partition

    * not always an option
  • In-Home Network Consulting
  • Complete Network Setup
  • Wireless Security Setup
  • Network Trouble Shooting
  • Install Network Devices
  • Computer Security
  • ISP Setup

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